Quick and Easy jQuery Flat Shadows

Today, we are showing you a quick and very easy way to create flat shadows in your design projects. To do so you will need a  small jQuery plugin that will automatically cast a shadow creating depth for your flat UI elements. It is created by  Pete R., founder of BucketListly.

It has got the following options :

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  • color: Background color of elements inside.
  • angle: Shadows direction. Available options: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW.
  • fade: Gradient shadow effect.
  • boxShadow: Color of the Container’s shadow.




How to use

To use this on your website, simply include the latest jQuery library found here together withjquery.flatshadow.js into your document’s <head>, follow by the html markup and a function call as follows:

<div class="flat-icon"> FLAT </div>
<div class="flat-icon"> UI </div>
  color: "#2ecc71", // Background color of elements inside. (Color will be random if left unassigned)
  angle: "SE", // Shadows direction. Available options: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW. (Angle will be random if left unassigned)
  fade: true, // Gradient shadow effect
  boxShadow: "#d7cfb9" // Color of the Container's shadow

How to customise

With jquery.flatshadow.js, you can apply each individual elements with different effect by simply add adata-color and data-angle to your mark up as follows:

<div data-color="#2ecc71" data-angle="NE" class="flat-icon"> FLAT </div>
<div data-color="#1ABC9C" data-angle="NW" class="flat-icon"> UI </div>

and remove the color and angle global options as seen here:

  fade: true,
  boxShadow: "#d7cfb9"

Now, each individual element will have its own effect without you calling the function multiple times.

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