ScrollReveal – Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers

ScrollReveal – Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers

Today I am back with another great jQuery plugin called ScrollReveal.js. This plugin is great if you want to add a bit of modern touch to any website by adding smooth scroll animation to your elements. Animation sequncers are quite popular nowadays and they add a pinch of entertainment to different content section on web pages.

ScrollReveal.js is created by Julian Lloyd, a developer and design, from Fribourg, Switzerland. The plugin is 3.3KB minified and gzipped and has no dependencies. The simplest method to start using it, is to add just before the ending </body> tag:

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<script src=""></script>

Add a simple HTML markup with elements such as:

<!-- HTML -->
<div class="foo"> Foo </div>
<div class="bar"> Bar </div>

And a bit of JS:

// JavaScript = ScrollReveal();

Make sure that you check the GitHub page for more information about the markup, configuration and options.
Learn more Download


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