VenoBox – Just another responsive jQuery lightbox plugin

Just another responsive jQuery lightbox plugin, suitable for images, inline contents, iFrames, Google-Maps, Ajax requests, Vimeo and YouTube videos.

The big difference compared to many others modal-window plugins is that VenoBox calculates the max width of the image displayed and preserves its height if is taller than the window (so in small devices you can scroll down the content, avoiding vertical microscopic resized images).

VenoBox - Just another responsive jQuery lightbox plugin,



Include VenoBox css and javascript after jQuery library

<!-- Add jQuery library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<!-- Add venobox -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="venobox/venobox.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="venobox/venobox.min.js"></script>

Insert one or more links with its custom class

<a href="image01-big.jpg"><img src="image01-small.jpg" alt="image alt"/></a>
<a data-type="iframe" href="">open iFrame</a>

For Google Maps use the iFrame href attribute of map’s embed code and set data-type="iframe"

For videos use the simple url of the video, such as:, or

For inline contents set a hidden element with custom id, and call it from your link href

Initialize plugin


	/* default settings */

	/* open content with custom settings */
		framewidth: '300px',
		frameheight: '250px',
		border: '6px',
		bordercolor: '#ba7c36',
		numeratio: true

	/* auto-open #firstlink on page load */


To activate navigation between every type of content assign the same data attribute "data-gall" to each link, like the example below

<a data-gall="myGallery" href="image01-big.jpg"><img src="image01-small.jpg" /></a>
<a data-gall="myGallery" href="image02-big.jpg"><img src="image02-small.jpg" /></a>
<a data-gall="myGallery" href="image03-big.jpg"><img src="image03-small.jpg" /></a>


If the content is not an image you have to specify its type via data attribute "data-type"

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Available values: iframe inline ajax youtube vimeo

<a data-type="iframe" href="">Open Iframe</a>
<a data-type="inline" title="My Description" href="#inline">Open inline content</a>
<a data-type="ajax" href="ajax-call.php">Retrieve data via Ajax</a>
<a data-type="youtube" href="">Open YouYbe video</a>
<a data-type="vimeo" href="">Open Vimeo video</a>

Optional: set title attribute to show a description

Additional settings

Customize the popup window via JavaScript

numeratio: show navigation number and total items in current gallery – default: false

border: border thickness of the popup window in pixel – default: '0px'

bgcolor:background color of popup window (also affects border color, if has a border) – default: '#ffffff'

framewidth: you can set a static window width, otherwise the plugin will keep the responsive size settings of .venoframe class

frameheight: you can set a static window height, otherwise the plugin will keep the responsive size settings of .venoframe class

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