5 Great Videos for Social Change

Designify decided to find some great inspiring videos that promote social change and awareness. These 5 videos below are using a creative way to tell people serious stories (sometimes with a little sense of humor) about social problems. We will try to keep finding “do good” videos to inspire designers and people in general to take action for social good. Creatives will probably find the last video very interesting.


For a Child’s Eyes Only

Anar Foundation against child abuse needs funds urgently

ANAR Foundation receives thousands of calls a day. We need more resources. With only 3 euros and you can help a child. Do not miss thisopportunity.
We really appreciateyour comments. Anar Foundation has very limited resources to raise awareness of their phone number to help child andAdolescents at risk. Thanks to the publicity on media andall comments on social networks the campaign hasachieved its main objective: Raise awareness of the Foundation and their helpline.
We encourage you tocontinue to help and work with us, with only 3 euros you can save a child. http://bit.ly/15GKQVF
Thank you very much.

Water Changes Everything


Almost a billion people live without clean drinking water. We call this the water crisis. It’s a crisis because it only starts with water — but water affects everything in life.

Health. Education. Food security. And the lives of women and children, especially.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

We can end the water crisis in our lifetime. But first we have to let everyone know it’s happening. Learn how water changes everything — and share this with everyone you know.

How to Create a World with Less Cancer


The statistics of people who succumb to cancer is daunting but change is proactive–change needs volunteers. This inspired motion graphic from the American Cancer Society is about possibilities achieved through the volition to take action. Scientific research into the etiology of cancer and subsequent prevention only happens when volunteers participate to effect a new reality–one with less cancer.

Rohe Ostern: Lebensmüder Osterhase braucht deine Hilfe!

The Dark side of the chocolate

At what cost comes our chocolate fix? Dark humor in this holiday campaign from Swiss NGO Berne Declaration suggests that even the Easter bunny can’t live with himself after reading the truth about chocolate production.  The competitive cocoa market, complicated by politics and conflict, has resulted in an estimated 250 million children working grueling hours, in an unhealthy environment, exposed to cruel treatment.  This provocative short hook video leads the viewer to a Facebook petition urging cocoa producers to increase transparency through fair trade practices.

All Creative Work Is Derivative


A “Minute Meme,” illustrating how all creative work builds on what came before. Photographed and animated by Nina Paley. Music by Todd Michaelsen (“Sita’s String Theory,” a Bonus Track on the soon-to-be-released Sita Sings the Blues soundtrack CD!). Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

More information at http://archive.org/details/AllCreativeWorkIsDerivative

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