What Politics Can Learn From Design?

What can politics learn from design? Jocelyn will discuss some of the traits, behaviours and attitudes often exhibited by designers, and the inspiration they could provide for those fed up with the dysfunctionality of politics.

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Jocelyn Bailey (@JocelynABailey) is a researcher at Westminster think tank Policy Connect, where she runs a stream of activities around design, innovation and manufacturing policy. Her mission is to build up a body of work and an agenda around design policy — those areas of mutual interest to design and politics — and over the last four years has revived its discussion in Parliament. Recent publications include the ‘Restarting Britain’ series, which has looked at the role of design education as a lever for growth, and the application of design to public service reform. Before finding her way into policy she trained as an architect at Cambridge, and is currently finishing an MA in History of Design.

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