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css code snippets

10 CSS Code Snippets You Must See!

CSS Code Snippets are extremely popular and many developers and designers try to create the web more interesting and beautiful by creating them and sharing them free. As a developer or a designer you probably know how important is to try new code and experiment. Designify collected the greatest CSS Code Snippets snippets available on web for you!

css3 menu effects

Beautiful CSS3 Menu Effects

A great collection of CSS3 menu effects A collection of menu effects, in pure CSS, which degrade gracefully in IE8. It is inspired from the Scroll Effects created by hakimel. There’s a “hardcoded” limit of 8...

Css 3.0 Maker

CSS3, please!

www.css3maker.com is a great website where you can find great CSS3 tools to help you with the styling of your website. There are many cool effects you can use – transitions, box shadows, transformations, gradients, border radius etc. You can see the effects in the preview area and check if particular effects are compatible with browsers and mobile devices. The code is automatically generated and you can download it.


10 Useful Apps for designers

DeviceShot Place images of your mobile apps and website into real device and get high-resolution images to download. Perfect tool for creating neat portfolio images. Inkscape An Open Source vector graphics editor, with capabilities...