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10 Pure CSS3 Animated Loaders and Spinners

Have you noticed that recently loaders and spinners are used all over the web? They are used in apps and websites to add a pinch of beauty while the user is waiting the content to be loaded. Using a loader is a great alternative to the boring “Loading…” message.


Prefix your CSS3 code. Instantly!

PrefixMyCss is an amazing and very useful tool which can analyze CSS3 files and auto-generate vendor-prefixes. Most of the CSS3 properies are supported and it also removes any comments and generate the file within a single line for a smaller size.


Form Follows Function – HTML5 Interactive Experiences

Jongmin Kim’s last project is called “Form Follows Function” is an amazing place for interactive experiences. Jongmin Kim experiements with HTML5 are breathtaking and truly insirational. We are 100% convinced that this is the future of the website and mobile apps design. Have a look at “Form Follows Function” and you will be blown away.

one-div css3 icons

One Div – CSS3 icons with a single html div

One div is a project aiming to enhance and deepen the use of CSS3 using a library of logos. The icons featured on the website are in pure css, and are done with a single html div. It is a bit similar to using SVG (vectors) and they can be resized without quality loss. They also can be used in a responsive design and these icons can also benefit from animation effects. All designers and developers are welcome to contribute their own icon ideas. There are some browser compatibility issues but the creators try hard to make them compatible in Chrome Firefox and Safari.