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"Pure geometry" by Romanowsky

Alexey Romanowski’s Pure Geometry

Alexey Romanowski is a motion designer from Kiev, Ukraine with a flair for motion graphics, digital art and graphic design. He recently published a video on vimeo called “Pure Geometry”. The video presents his...


Weather icon font – free, clean and easy to use.

Today, we have a wonderful free icon font from Lukas Bischoff. Very modern and great-looking font. Lukas is freelance graphic designer who likes and specialises in arts, design and illustrations, typography and font design. You...


Metro UI PHP Generator

This project is a website framework and template to build sites using the style of the new Windows 8 Metro UI. It has smooth transitions and it’s easy to modify. Many tiles are included, and you can create your own tiles easily. This templating framework is meant for people that want to make great-looking and impressive with basic HTML knowledge. Check it out!


Your Email on Mobile: How Each Mobile OS Displays Your Message

As more mobile devices are introduced into the marketplace, the number of screen sizes we need to consider when designing email is exploding. This superabundance of screen sizes directly impacts the design and planning process—affecting how you determine breakpoints in media queries, lay out your design and use responsive design techniques.

Twitter Bootstrap Button Generator

Twitter Bootstrap Goodies

If you are familiar with Twitter Bootstrap Framework you probably love the beauty of it. There are many ways to make a website beautiful and it is great when you can use additional resources to help you with the design, styling and coding. Designify tried to research and find the best ones