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Cheque Free Display Font

Cheque Free Font by Fontfabric

Cheque is another great font by Fontfabric type foundry and again released for free. It is curious that it has started as a student project and later developed at its full potential.

Font of the Day: Sant’Elia Script

Font of the Day: Sant’Elia Script

Today’s font is coming from the Yellow Design Studio – a Wisconsin studio run by two very talented creative designers. Sant’Elia Script is a modern type family with strong personality. It comes with regular and rough versions in six weights.


Free Font of the Day: Ailerons

Today’s free font is coming from Brazil. It is created by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira who is a web and graphic designer. Ailerons is a font that is inspired by the aircraft models from the 1940s.


Free Font of the Day: Arca Majora

Arca Majora is font created by the talented Alfredo Marco Pradil. It is curious that the font was created as a uppercase latin alphabet drawing exercise. Being liked by many, the author decided to create Arca Majora which includes a bit of punctuation symbols and accents.


Free Font of the Day: Gidole Sans

The typeface is designed around slightly squircled circle, open apertures and even stroke width for a minimalistic and geometric look without sacrificing legibility.