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10 Typography Guides [Infographics]

10 Typography Guides [Infographics]

Good typography is a challenge for every designer. Typography is the art of letters arranged in an appealing and beautiful way. Great typography is powerful and designers know how they can influence audience be the creative use of it. But typography needs to be studied it requires lots of reading and experimenting.


Sunday Fun (Interactive SVG Infographic)

Browsing through my rss feeds, I found this amazing tutorial for INTERACTIVE INFOGRAPHIC WITH SVG AND CSS ANIMATIONS on tympanus.net. Great, straightforward tutorial so I guess the coming slow Sunday afternoon will be dedicated...


Pulp Fiction Infographic

This is a beautifully designed infographics by Noah Daniel Smith showing the whole Pulp Fiction movie in a chronological order. Very stylish and probably interesting for those who are fans of Pulp Fiction and...


Brockhaus Encyclopedia Infographics

This seems like a really great book about infographics from Martin Oberhäuser – oberhaeuser.info is the design studio of Martin Oberhäuser, an award-winning information- and interfacedesigner working and living in Hamburg, Germany. Series of...