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Limelight Responsive – Another Great Responsive Testing Tool

Limelight Responsive is a wonderful online tool to test if your website is responsive. You can preview your website in 15 different devices and one of the greatest features is that you can see if you have any errors in your code (based on common mistakes). Another great feature is that Limelight will also help you with meta viewports as it auto detects them.

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5 Tools for Testing Responsive Web Design

Responsive webdesign is really popular among designers and developers nowadays. But when designing a website how you can be sure it will look great at all screen sizes? It is good to have a set of tool to help you in designing a responsive website.


Your Email on Mobile: How Each Mobile OS Displays Your Message

As more mobile devices are introduced into the marketplace, the number of screen sizes we need to consider when designing email is exploding. This superabundance of screen sizes directly impacts the design and planning process—affecting how you determine breakpoints in media queries, lay out your design and use responsive design techniques.

Mission is a premium responsive WP template for charity and foundation website. After purchasing this theme, you will receive the WordPress version as well as the full HTML version and 6 PSD files. They are all layered and well organized in folder for easier use.

10 Great Responsive WordPress Themes

Verb WordPress Theme Super Clean, Responsive Design Block Portfolio Page Big, Beautiful Typography Theme Customizer Support Crafted for Retina Displays Valid HTML5 Code Twitter, Flickr, Dribbble and Retina Social Media Icons Widgets (Okay Toolkit...