5 Absolutely Amazing Collaboration Tools for Creative Teams

Nowadays, creative people, such as designers, developers and marketing specialists, usually work together from different places, either from home or offices located all around the world. These teams usually work with clients that are also located in remote locations.

In such working conditions, collaboration is a crucial factor as designers and developers should be able to receive a prompt feedback on the work they are doing. Clients also need to be updated on the process of current projects.

In the past, the tool that most creative teams used was the email and if you worked long in the industry you know how painful that may be.

I used to work in a company which did not pay much attention to collaboration and my email was literally flooded with emails requesting different jobs and tasks. And the worst thing was to find something that has been requested in an earlier point of time. It took me a great deal of effort to finally introduce a collaboration tool for everyone that required any design jobs. But on the other side it was worth the effort as my working life improved.

I have gathered a great bunch of collaboration tools which are suitable for design/development teams. The pros of using such tool in the working process are crystal clear: you know what everyone is doing, you keep track of every file, job, version, you can show the clients how the project is evolving and developing and everything is clean, neat and organized so the team focuses on the creative process and not losing time on senseless tasks.

Have a look at the list of collaboration tools and choose the one that works best for your team.



Bitbucket is a tool that is suitable for development teams as it is a Git and Mercurial code management for teams. Code collaboration is easy with Bitbucket as it allows teams to review and work on code efficiently and add inline comments. There is a free version for up to 5 people in a team. Every plan includes unlimited private repositories which can be shared and managed quickly. Learn more to see all the features.

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Slack is a great collaboration tool for teams. All communication is stored in one place and it is available no matter where the team members are. Slack allows all the files and messages to be stored in one place. Everything from Dropbox, Google Docs, Github, Asana, Trello , Twitter and many more can be stored in Slack, so it is easier to be accessed. Slack has apps for iOS and Android so you can have all your files whenever you go. One of the greatest Slack’s feature is the search as every document and discussion is archived and indexed so you can search for whatever you may need in the search box. There is a free plan but the paid ones are worth trying as well. Go there and read more..

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Framebench is a tool that allows you to view, annotate and collaborate over any file. The great feature is that it works with images, pdfs, documents, presentations, spreadsheets and videos. For teams, it is a very useful tool to review different creative work and take everyone on board to contribute and collaborate. Files can be added via Google Drive or Dropbox or just drag them from your computer. There is a built-in text messaging so you can leave messages to the team members allowing them to answer at a convenient time. With Framebench, teams can easily track and manage revisions and discussions are neatly organized and documented. Framebench also integrates perfectly with Basecamp and Yammer and there is also a search features which will allow you to find any file quickly.

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Concept inbox


Concept inbox is a visual collaboration tools for designers and their clients. It allows teams to discuss design and videos visually, track the changes needed and also prototype together with your team and clients. Version control is extremely great as this tool will store all the version of any creative work. Keeping track also works flawlessly here as you can track process with in-app and email notifications. You can collaborate in real-time with clients and team members as Concept inbox allows you to discuss the work and have a visual and productive meeting. Concept inbox works with Basecamp Basecamp, Flow, Flowdock, GitHub, Hipchat, Jira, Redbooth, Slack, Teamwork and Trello.
Starter version is $14 per month and allows 3 projects, design and video feedback, prototyping, unlimited files and reviewers. There is also a free basic account option which is limited to one project, one user and it is free forever.

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If your team likes video conversations you will like Appear.in. It is a great tool for video conversations with up to 8 people for free. You do not need to login or install anything. The only requirement is to create a video room, then copy and share the link to the team members you want to talk to. When they click on the link, they will enter the video room.
Appear.in is easy and hassle-free tool, just imagine: no installs, no passwords, no logins… The only downside is that it works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and devices with newer version of Android as it is built with a new web standard called WebRTC. For you this means no plugins and installations.

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