5 Useful Online Design Tools

A small collection of 5 online design tools which might be useful if you are spending your life as a creative professional. Some of them speed up productivity, others just keep you organized. Have a look and take your pick.


Generate a custom colour palette online, in your web browser.

Coolors.co - The super fast color palettes generator
Coolors is an online tool that generates a random color palette just by hitting the space bar. You can also create your own palette by fixing the colours you like which makes them stay the same and you can continue generating colours until you are happy with the result. You can also change colours by filling in the HEX colour code.

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Foodie’s Feed

Are you a foodie fan? Get as many amazing food images as you want and use them without limitations in your mockups.

Foodie's Feed
After the selfie and relfie, now we’ve got a foodie! Foodie for these who are not aware of the term is a picture of a food that you take with your mobile device and publish on the social networks.
Foodiesfeed is a website which gives you a huge number of food images. The author is Jakub from Czech Republic, who is a food enthusiast and amateur photographer. He loves food and he also likes taking pictures of food. So his web site provides lovely pictures of food that you may use without limitations in your projects.

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Easily organize yourself on-the-go, at home or work.

Any.do - Good day! Every day!
Any.do is a new platform for web, Android, iPhone and Chrome which gives you the opportunity to organize your tasks. You can organize your days in different folders and separating the personal and work tasks. In your calendar you will be able to see the due tasks for today and tomorrow, and you also can put some upcoming tasks with a distant deadline or put tasks in your “Someday” folder.
You can also put attachments in your tasks, add notes and subtasks, create alerts and mark the importance of the tasks. There is also a feature to create a repeating tasks so you don’t have to set them up every day.
Any.do is a great online tool which will help organize your days and it has great functionality and design, created by the user in mind. Check it out!

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Take notes and organize them into folders and enhance them by attaching images and adding links.

Enotus is a new and simple tool for taking notes. It is a king of mixture of Evernote and Medium. Its great interfaces allows you not only to take notes but also to organize them. After signing up you will see the Inbox – a special folder that helps to save all the incoming information. You can create as many folders as you need and drag and drop notes. There is also a feature which allows you to share the notes with friends. With Enotus, note are not just notes, you can attach images, add links, edit notes with advanced formatting so the note are looking good. Enotus also is made with bearing in mind the user experience – the typography is great, it is fast, great usability and it looks lovely.

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Create a beautiful colour palette and export it as HTML, CSS, LESS, XML or text.

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Yes, Paletton is yet another web tool for creating colour palettes. But it is different because it has a lot of great features. For example, you can put a base colour to start with and you have a various options for creating a color palette – you may choose unlike or similar colours, unlike colours but in similar style or vice versa.
One of the greatest features of Paletton is that you have the option to see some examples of real use of the colours such as on a website layout or in an artwork. You also may see how the people with some kind of colour blindness see the chosen colours, which is a great feature as the user experience seems to be a priority nowadays.
Paletton also has the feature of exporting your color list as HTML, CSS, LESS, XML and text. You also can export the colour swatches was PNG image or as ACO for Photoshop or GPL for Gimp. There are colour combinations available as well.

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