Boost Your Website with beautiful and simple CSS3 Icons

Optimization is crucial these days and search engines love fast and simple websites. With CSS3 Icons you will get rid of all of the unnecessary icon images and add icons with two simple tags and some CSS code.

CSS3 icons is a project by UIPlayGround and it provides a wide range of icons which can be used in online projects. Currently, the icons are more than 200 and counting. There are 9 different sets you can choose from. The main idea is that by using the CSS3 icons you reduce the HTTP requests which makes your website faster and optimizes the overall performance of it. Another great advantage of using these icons is that when used on iOS devices the retina display reflects them with amazing clarity.

How to use the icons?

You have to go to CSS3 Icons and choose the icons you want to use. Then click on it and get the code. As simple as that. You can also look at some details e.g. the preview of the icon, browser compatibility and icon code.

Why CSS3 Icons?

Simplicity and optimization is the answer. The CSS3 icons are provided with only two span tags. The CSS code is as simple as possible with the idea to be able to understand it, develop it further and eventually in future to create your own icons.

The Benefits?

Apart from the already mentioned optimization and simplicity, you do not require any JPG/PNG/GIF images or icon font files that will slow your website.

Have look at the preview images below to see the actual icons. If you want to try the icons yourself, just click on the learn more button below.





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