Fontea – Keep Your Google Fonts Close

Fontea – Keep Your Google Fonts Close

Today, I want to share with you a really great Photoshop extension created by Source – the team that is behind other great plugins such as CSSHat, PNGHat and Subtle Patterns.

Fontea is brand new plugin that will change the way designers work with fonts in Adobe Photoshop. It is very powerful and completely free solution that will allow you to use more than 700 Google fonts directly in Photoshop.

Imagine you are doing a website, an app, an advert or a banner and you need to test out various fonts. What will you usually do? Go to Google fonts website, select some fonts, download and unzip them. Only after completely all these steps you may open Photoshop and start playing with the fonts selected..

What if you can skip all these steps and save yourself some time?

Fontea does that and helps you focus on work, rather than browsing for fonts. You just need to download the extension and install it. Then open Photoshop and start doing your work with all the Google fonts available.

With Fontea, you can search fonts by name or browse them by selecting different categories. Moreover, you can create your very own library of favourite fonts so you have all of them handy.

Have a look below to see it in action.

Fontea is a time-saving free tool for busy designers eager to do their work. It is available for Adobe Photoshop CC under Windows and OS X.

Give it a try!

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Download Fontea

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