Webplate – A Framework Like No Other

Webplate is an awesome front-end framework that lets you stay focused on building your site or app.

Since the rise of the RWD (responsive web design) there are number of different front-end frameworks that are used for creating responsive web and app design. You are aware of the most used ones such as Foundation, Bootstrap, Gumby, Skeleton… and you probably use some of them every day.

But there are new responsive frameworks that are being created and they are as much useful, versatile and beautiful as the most famous ones.
Webplate is a new and free UX project which makes it easy to create web and app projects. What’s different about it and why should you give it a try? As the authors say, their framework is quite different from the others. Included are: from a robust responsive layout engine, to global button elements, customizable forms, simple modals and extensive support for icons. Webplate also includes jQuery, Modernizr, Velocity.js, Hammer.js and Typeplate and there are many extra tools and features. The very best thing is that all these elements will look and act the same on all desktop and handheld devices.

UI Kits

web-plate-ui-kitsWebplate also includes UI Kits which can be extremely useful when you build a site or an app. They can be used as they are or you can build upon as they are a set of styles and interactions reacting to certain Webplate classes and events.


web-plate-pluginsThere are also various plugins included which makes site/app building easier.

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