Build a Strong Coding Foundation with 12 Free Courses

Have you heard of Code School? If not, you should know that Code School is a fast developing online learning place on the internet that will inspire you to learn coding just by entertaining you.

You should also know that Code School is different from any other learning environments as each course is constructed around a creative theme and storyline that actually entertains the learner and it feels like while you are learning new tricks, you are playing. Imagine it like a playground for adults.

So if you are determined to get serious with your coding skills, you may want to give it a try before digging deeply into it. And it is not necessary to subscribe to any course. At least, not just yet.

Code School gives an opportunity to try a coding course before actually commit to the one of your choice. Especially for people who are not quite sure how to start.

Now you can choose from 12 free courses and test drive them. Same as when you are buying a car. It is always great when you have to chance to try before committing yourself, right?

Have a look what’s on the table and take your pick. Do not forget to have fun and play…

#1 – Ruby

Discover the basics of this simple yet powerful programming language.

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#2 – jQuery


Learn the building blocks of this creative coding language.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

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#3 – Git


You will be introduced to the basic concepts of Git version control.

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#4 – SQL


Learn basic database manipulation with SQL.

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#5 – Try R


Test-drive data visualization in the R language.

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#6 – Objective C


Explore the language that powers iOS and Mac apps.

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#7 – JavaScript Road Trip Part 1


Get an introduction to the basics of the JavaScript language.

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#8 – Shaping Up With Angular.js

Shape up your script with Angular.js.

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#9 – Rails for Zombies Redux


Learn Ruby on Rails, an open-source framework.

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#10 – Discover DevTools


Sharpen your dev process with Chrome DevTools.

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#11 – Discover Drive

Take the Google Drive API for a spin.

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#12 – Exploring Google Maps for iOS

Zip around and learn how to use the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

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Do you know a good and free online course that will benefit designers and developers? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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