Photoshop Quick Tips: Disintegration Effect

For those who are keen on mastering their skills in Adobe Photoshop, here is a quick tutorial showing how to create a Disintegration effect step by step.

Disintegration effect is quite catchy and appealing and can be used in advertising and digital collages. But how to create such effect?

This tutorial shows how to use some “particle” Photoshop brushes, Masks and the Liquify tool to achieve this effect.

To emphasize the effect a cracked texture is added to the face along with blending/warping. To make the image stand out even more, the Camera Raw Filter is used as well for a little bit and some adjustments layers are added to make the colours stick out.

The last step deals with the eyes of the model and highlights them to draw attention.

Have a look at the tutorial. All the files need can be downloaded below.


Model Image
Cracked Texture
Photoshop Brushes

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