Photoshop Tips: How to Create Rain and Snow Effects

Two great tutorials that will teach you to create beautiful rain and snow effects.

Photoshop Tips: How to Create Rain and Snow Effects

Weather effects are popular in image manipulation as they enhance images in a dramatic way and add natural appearance. The current season in most parts of the world is winter and there is a lot of snow and rain so some great rain and snow photoshop tutorials can be useful and you may learn something new. These tutorials are particularly useful for photographers who want to add some more dramatism to their shots.

How to Create Rain Effect

The first tutorial shows how to create a lovely rain effect on a portrait image using filter gallery and some adjusments to the layers. Also, playing with the light and adding some colour to the picture will help you create a beautiful rain photo.

Tutorial by Chafik Graphics

How to Create Snow in Photoshop

The second tutorial will teach you how to create a snow effect on a great snow scene. The tutorial is simple and you can easily get the knack of creating snow with simple techniques including Motion and Gaussian Blur.

Tutorial by Phlearn Photoshop & Photography Tutorials

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