10+ Fundamental Tips for Landing Page Optimization

What are the must haves for high converting landing pages? How can you appear more credible? What are the landing page components that will boost your conversion rate?

You have a business, no matter how big or small, and you are aiming for high conversion rate? You want to generate more leads and sales.

I assume that you are using versatile mediums to connect with people. Whether it is social media, banners or Google Adwords ads, you want to convince as many people as possible to trust you and get them excited about your products, services or newsletter.

The destination, from these ads, social media posts or banners, is a landing page. Different in design and content, it serve businesses to offer a concise and attractive presentation of you offer and hopefully, convert a major part of the traffic.

Creating attractive and high converting landing pages is not a rocket science and there are certain rules and tips that will help you in telling the story of your product, service or newsletter.

Let’s have a look at the 10 fundamental tips of landing page optimization. You will also find some bonus ones at the end of this article.

Offer no distraction + get them excited.

The purpose of a landing page is to convert as many visitors as possible into engaged ones. Whether you want to get more people to sign up or purchase something, you must keep them focused.

Keeping visitors focused is hard in general. Usually, people multiscreen, open different pages, receive notifications, messages etc.

You have just a limited amount of time to grab their attention. The moment they land on your page, you need to make them motivated to keep scrolling, fill in their email address or click a button.

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Get straight to point from the very beginning of your landing page.


Tip #1

Catchy Headline

The headline is your opportunity to make your visitors to curious about what you are offering to them. Take your time to create a headline that is not very long and speaks to your potential customers.

If you are offering a service, think about a headline that explains how your service solves a problem. If you are offering a product, tell them why they need your product.

Be clear with your headlines and remember that you have limited amount of time to convince your visitors to take action.


Tip #2

Limited or no navigation

The navigation of your company website is as a roadmap for your visitors. They can click on different links to get more information about products, services, company etc. You need no navigation of your landing page because you don’t want your visitors to leave before seeing your offer.

If you still need a navigation of some sort, add call to action buttons (CTAs) such as “Sign Up”, “Login” or “Subscribe”.  Or you may add links to the different sections of your landing page for the ones who don’t like scrolling and want to get straight to features, benefits or download/subscribe sections.


Tip #3

Clear offer

Be honest about what are you offering to your visitors. If it is a free trial of a service, state clearly the duration of the trial and what happens after it ends.

Different pricing plans options should be restricted to three or maximum four. Highlight the one you prefer your visitors to choose by making it bigger, or by adding a corner ribbon. Just highlight it in a way that will make your visitors notice it first. If you need a credit card to start a trial, you must mention it as visitors hate being surprised in a negative way.



Tip #4

Value Statement

You are asking your visitors to trust you so it is good practice to outline the benefits. Add a section where you clearly state why your service or product is the right one for them. Organize the benefits in way that your visitors will quickly understand the value of your offer.


Tip #5

Visual content

You must appear authentic and trustworthy not only in your offer but also in your visual content. If you can afford it, forget stock images as they seem artificial.  Supporting your offer with relevant and genuine visual content will make it even more appealing to the visitors. There are number of websites with free authentic images that you may use if you don’t have the additional budget for hiring professional graphic designer or photographer.


Tip #6

Personalized Call to Action (CTAs)

Generic copy on your CTAs can leave visitors indifferent and not willing to act. Try being creative in button copy and it will pay off. Personalizing texts is your chance to make visitors engaged.



Tip #7

Keep forms short

Most landing pages have a form of some sort. Some require visitors to fill in their email address, others ask for names, credit card, email address etc. In case of asking for more than just an email in your form, try to keep form as short as possible. Do not ask for unnecessary information. Also, make sure that you optimize longer forms for ease of use. Position fields one after another as the inline fields distract the users and make them nervous.



Tip #8

Make them responsive

I will keep saying that without being tired of repeating it. Do make your pages responsive. And it doesn’t mean using Bootstrap or Foundation so content looks OK on mobile phones or tablets. Even more, think about how your page looks at small devices. You may want to scrap some of the content that is present on desktop version of your page or redesign other to look different on smartphones for example. You need to optimize your pages for conversions even on handheld devices.


Tip #9

Integrate social proof

Implementing some sort of social proof can be a real booster for converting more visitors. In the era of social media, you must add social testimonials. It might be a section of embedded tweets or Facebook posts, Instagram photos shared by users or any other kind client reviews and opinions.

You need to add social proof so that you appear trustworthy. After all, you know the saying: “If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen” … People tend to search for proof on social media so you need to show you are present there.


Tip #10

List of clients

It is a great practice to add a section with client logos. Do ask your happy clients to provide them with their logos so that you can add them on your landing page. By doing it, your visitors will see a list of companies that already trusted you.


Extra components you can integrate to boost conversions


Tip #11

Privacy Policy

A landing page without a link to the privacy policy may look suspicious. Your landing page must have it although you may be sure that only a small percentage of people will read it. Create a dedicated page where your privacy policy is included and link to it from the footer of your landing page. For visitors, it will mean you are reliable as a product or service vendor.


Tip #12

Case Studies

Did you work on a challenging project? Do show off a bit. Successful projects must be shared. Create a short and neat case study outlining the challenges for both you and your client and make it available for preview or download in a section of your landing page. You will score additional points in convincing your visitors to rely on you.


Tip #13

Sales/Subscribers counter

Do you already have a good number of clients or subscribers? If you do so, you can add a small section with a stats counter saying how many people or companies have trusted you. A counter section is a great way to advertise your business and seem credible to your future clients.


Test and optimize

Landing pages are proven and well-established way to generate leads and attract more people to try your services and products. Following all or a part of these tips can have a great impact on your conversion rate.

Don’t be afraid to optimize and test landing page components. You can even create two versions for every offering and see which one is performing better. A/B testing is a popular way to refine your offer and find the exact product/service match for your visitors.

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