10 Inspiring Code Experiments on CodePen

As you know CodePen is the playground for developers and designers to try new stuff and experiment. If you take a look you will see some amazing stuff created there. You can find amazing new approaches to design coding and also creative ways to achieve different effects in web designer projects.

Here is a small collection of what I found interesting, inspirations and modern. Take a look and might be inspired as CodePen is the place for education, inspiration and sharing. Also, if you have an idea how any of these project can be enhanced feel free to fork it on CodePen and share the result.


SVG Touch Gestures Iconset

This set is created by   and you can full customised it via CSS. Some colour themes included as well. Beautiful set. SVG Touch Gestures Iconset


Animated Skewed Panes

Replicating the effect seen in the opening scene of World War Z. Created by Terry Mun Animated Skewed Panes


CSS Pins

Beautiful and colourful CSS pins. Some of them are animated. Created by White Wolf Wizard. CSS Pins


Animated Timeline Blueprint

This clean timeline blueprint is created by Felix Spöttel. Looks really great! Animated Timeline Blueprint


Beautiful Photo Hover Effect

Creative photohovers are really popular these days. Take a look at this one created by White Wolf Wizard. Photo Hover Effect


CSS Angled Stripes

How do I make these diagonal lines in CSS? Concretekiwi has the answer…  CSS Angled Stripes

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Fall Away

A nice little code snippet where the “E” at the end of  “Welcome” falls down. Created by Sebastian Brown.

Fall Away CSS and jQuery


CSS Filter Glass

Some great stuff here. Created by Yogev Ahuvia. CSS Filter Glass


Placing Elements in a Circle using CSS3

Simple and beautiful way to place elements in a circle if you need it. Created by Malik Baba Aïssa. PLACING ELEMENTS ON A CIRCLE USING CSS3


Off Canvas Menu Effect

A lovely Off Canvas CSS menu effect. Look absolutely gret. Created by Michael Fangman. Off Canvas Menu Effect


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