12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

In this article, we present 12 Amazing Responsive Websites done by the best creative people. Since the responsive design emerged, it started developing very quickly so that is why we find it interesting to search on the web to see how the creative minds shape the look of the modern web. Make sure that you go to see the websites themselves to experience how beautiful responsive design can be.


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Clear Air Challenge

Clean air challenge website is one of the greatest examples. It is optimized for all the screens currently available and it uses CSS3 animation for the cloud background. The website is also great from a typography point of view as it combines perfectly serif and not serif fonts.  Beautiful bright colours combined in a lovely palette.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

Enochs Fish & Chips

Enochs Fish & Chips is a beautiful single page website for a fish & chips café in North Wales.  When you land on the page, you will see the Arthur Enoch Hughes in his boat who established the place. As you scroll down you see not only the menus but also you dive deep into the water until you reach the bottom.  Also great is that you see the fish swimming back and forth all the time.  Fully responsive and looks amazing on small screens.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration


Greenbelt is a very good example of a festival website. It is very clean, organized and uses a wide layout.  The menu is multicoloured with small icons and it uses the CSS transparency, which a is really popular trend for this year. Greenbelt also looks great on small screens.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration


Mike Scopino

Mike Scopino is a UX strategist, designer, and Front-End Develop from Boston. He creates very beautiful stuff and his own website is a great example of what he can do.  The website is a one-page gallery with some of his wonderful projects. The menu on the left is leads to different locations on the web linking to his dribble page, pdf resume, twitter etc. Really simple website functioning as online website resume.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration


More Hazards More Heroes

More Hazards More Heroes is a Nashville folk duo and their website is a great example of band websites. It is a single page website presenting the last album of the band with a possibility to listen to it and download it. You also see some info for the band and the lyrics of their songs. While you listen to the music and read the lyrics, you see a little red icon showing you which song you are now listening to. Really creative layout and when seen on smaller screens the lyrics are omitted but you still have the option to listen and download their album.

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12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration



MTV Hive

MTV Hive is a great example of a responsive music website. Clean, organized, black and white with some colour accents.  Also noticeable is the big hover areas and the infinite content scrolling (load more) which also popular in web design in 2013. Although, it follows the overall design of the main MTV website, it is somehow completely different. The optimization for smaller screens is wonderful.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration



Regent college

Regent College website is an example of a beautiful academic website. Usually, this websites are a bit dull, they do not grab your attention, and they are somehow boring.  Regent College is nothing similar to that. It is well-organized, with some colour accents for the top menu. Information is well structured and thoughtfully planned. On small screens, the website is an excellent example of layout design and structure.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

Skinny Ties

Skinny Ties is a website, which shows you how a brand should sell their products and provides excellent shopping experience.  The menu provides info for the ties they sell in a very thorough manner and you can choose a tie using the five categories. No useless information, you want to buy a tie, you just buy it.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

Steven Caver

Steven Caver’s website is a true inspiration when comes to marketing yourself. He finds the balance between “sell yourself” and “this is what I am”. His website expresses how he sees the world, making a point from the front page. His website is organized perfectly with a great personal touch and really showing his thoughts and views of what creative design is.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

Stink Digital

Stink Digital is an award-winning studio based in New York, London, and Paris. When you land on their page, you just dive into their amazing work. They work for the best and that is why their website is one the best. Beautiful colours and structure. Notice how the current menu item changes the colour when you go from page to page – a small detail which is very creative.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

Stuff & Nonsense

Stuff and nonsense website is a pure beauty. As they say, “We design websites that look absolutely wonderful on every type of device.” and it is true. They are the ones responsible for STV website and  they were hired by the UK Home Office. Their website looks amazing on all screens and is carefully coded.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration


Tilde’s responsive website is one that you can use as an example of a creative and structured website They use vector illustrations with bright colours to show their design process and other info which is a really nice touch. They also use a wide layout, a combination of serif and sans serif fonts, and centered accents.

12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration


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