25 Most Popular WordPress Plugins

A comprehensive list 25 Most Popular WordPress Plugins based on overall download and usage.

WordPress by no means is the most popular Content Management System in the web world. To start with some history, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little created the CMS and probably at the time (11 years ago) have no idea how big it will become. At the beginning, WordPress was very simple CMS and it was only targeted to blog users. Not that long ago, some people (meaning eminent professionals) used to laugh when somebody wanted to build a web site different from a simple blog. Nowadays, the statistics shows how popular it actually is… For example, 48% of Technorati’s Top Blogs are managed with WordPress and the exact number of sites depending on WordPress is 74,652,825. Not that bad…

What’s more interesting, 22 % of new US registered domains run on the CMS and wordpress.com get more unique visitors that the Amazon US. And to prove wrong everyone who thinks that WordPress is not good for a business website – of the top 1,000,000 sites in the world, the number of business websites powered by WordPress is five times the number of the WordPress-managed news websites. You figure it out…

But WordPress would not be what it currently is without all the plugins that enhances its basic functionalities. In terms of plugins, there are 29, 000 of them and a new plugin is added nearly every hour. The total number of downloads of all the plugins is more than 286,000,000… I won’t be long when you will be hearing that for everything there is a plugin…
Below you will find a list of 25 of the most popular plugins used on WordPress-powered websites. The popularity is based on overall downloads and usage.

Contact form 7

Simple and flexible. Multiple forms can be created and managed. Can be easily customized and supports captcha and spam filtering.
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Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast gives a SEO boost to a WordPress site. It checks simple things that sometimes are overlooked such as alt tags, focus keywords, meta descriptions etc.. Yoast ensures that you are good to go for the search engines.
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W3 Total Cache

The most popular cache plugin that provides an excellent web performance. It caches browser, page, object and database. Minifies the codes and includes content delivery network support.
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WP Page Navi

It adds a more advanced paging navigation interface and creates a stylish and fancy pagination links.
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A responsive slider solution for all the content you need to display. Transitions, effects and animations can be easily customized.This is a premium plugin and it paid, but it is truly great.
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Nextgen Gallery

This one is the most popular gallery plugin with more than 10 million downloads. It is a powerful engine for uploading, managing and displaying galleries of images.
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The most used and beautiful eCommerce solution for a WordPress site. It gives you the opportunity to sell anything in an enterprise-level quality and features. A simple and easy solution for an online store.
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Google Analyticalor

A simple but important plugin as it adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics and it includes widgets for Analytics data display.
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WordPress Popular Posts

A highly-customizable plugin what provides a widget that will display the most popular posts on your website. You can use your own layout, display thumbnails in your posts and it has WPML support.
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One of the most popular social sharing plugins. It provides the easiest and most effective way to grow your website traffic, to engage the audience and monetize your website.
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Mailchimp grew enormously and it became the preferred solution for sending email newsletters. This plugins allows you to quickly add a simple signup form for your Mailchimp list. The look and feel of forms can be customized by changing the CSS.
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Audio Player

If your blog has audio content, you should think about using this plugin as it gives you an audio mp3 solution that is highly configurable and yet very simple. The colour scheme can be changed to match your website theme.
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Layers Slider

Another great slider solution which is suitable for displaying image galleries, content sliders and amazing slideshows with absolutely must-see effects. But is a premium solution, so It is paid.
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WP Super Cache

Another great and popular caching plugin. It generates static HMTM files from a dynamic WordPress blog. The cached files are server to the users more quickly and it enhances the overall performance of your website.
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Simple Social Icons

This is a great social sharing plugin that allows you to include social media icons in any widget you want. Social profiles can be chosen, colours and size of the icons can be customized.
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Addthis has different social media widgets that can be used on a WordPress site. As a solution it helps you drive more traffic to your site by helping visitors to share, bookmark and email your content to over 330 services. It has also different widgets for recommending content. Some widgets are paid but the free ones are really useful.
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Contact Form Plugin

A straightforward solution if you want to receive feedback from your users. An extremely easy form that does not require any additional settings to be adjusted. But there are some options you can choose to use.
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An important plugin if you do not want to flooded with terrible spam messages. It implements a security captcha into your web forms. Simple to implement and configurate.
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It is the most popular spam fighter plugin. It checks the comments you are receiving against Akismet web service to determine if they look like spam or not.
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Wysija Newsletters

A wonderful plugin that allows WordPress site owners to send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders easily and beautifully.
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Digg Digg

A simple sharing solution that provides an all in one share buttons plugin. It adds a floating bar with share buttons for quick access for the users. Just like Mashable webite.
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All in One Seo Pack

A WordPress SEO Plugin which optimizes your website automatically for the search engines. It has XML sitemap support, Google Analytics Support and it provides a SEO integration for eCommerce sites. To see all the features just click on the button below.
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WP Polls

This plugin adds an AJAX poll system to your blog or business website. You can easily add a poll in a post or page and receive feedback from the visitors of your website.
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Vipers Video Quicktags

If most of the content of the website you are managing are videos that you should think about using plugin as it allows easy and XHTML valid posting of videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and others…
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Some websites need an online community and for this reason you might want to try BbPress. It provides a great solution for a forum or bulletin board website, without being slow and complicated.
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