5 Coding Frameworks you should try!

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I am Petia Koleva and I am doing web and graphic design. I also like to experiment in infographics and motion graphics design. I graduated @Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland - BDes (Hon) Design for Digital Media. I have two design awards: BP Design Award 2012 @ Gray's School of Art and RGU Purchase Prize Award. I am very passionate about design and I share my passion on designify.me. You can find me on .

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3 Responses

  1. Riaan Kruiwa says:

    I have a total of thirteen frameworks to test (I had less before reading this post ;-) ). I have no idea which one will be the best. I aim to pair each one with Get Simple CMS, and see which one works the best.


    • designifyme says:

      Hi Riaan,

      Thanks for visiting:) I totally understand you. There are so many frameworks that it is difficult to choose the best one, as they have different features. You are more than welcome to share your experience here which will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and good luck:)))

      • Riaan Kruiwa says:

        Will check back after a few years, when my testing’s done ;-)

        To be honest, I wonder if many of these frameworks (not the ones you share, but those I aim to test) should be called full frameworks. I’m saying this with caution, but could it be that many of them are merely CSS resets on steroids?

        Hmmm, I’ll see if this exercise is worth doing. Hopefully I come across one that is easy to understand and is more than CSS hyper-resets. I think I might be led down a few dead-ends; that’s my honest opinion.

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