8 Crucial Tips for Great Landing Pages

What makes a good landing page design?

You have to build a landing page for a product or service and you do not know where to start. Probably, you have tried to find some landing pages that will inspire you to create the perfect one but you are not sure. Here is a selection of tips that will help you decide what to include on your landing page. You do not have to follow all of them. They are just pointing you the right direction of choosing what to include and how to proceed. Included are also examples of successful and great looking websites to show you these tips in practice.

Here are the 8 tips that will help you send a clear message to the users.


Tip#1 – Clear headlines

The main headline is the first thing the visitor will read. It is like saying hello to a complete stranger and it is important how you say it.  Do not be boring or too positive and excited. Say something that will make them curious about what you do. Do not be vague, get to the point and grab their attention.


Just Eye fashion is a wonderful example of great headline messages. “Choose Click Enjoy” message tells the users that they can choose a pair of new glasses easily and suggests something fun and enjoyable. “Design your own style” grabs the attention immediately as it says to the visitor that they choose how their glasses will look like which is something new and unusual.


Tip#2 – Strong CTA

The user saw your headline and is still on you website. Now, you have to lead them to what to do next.  Strong messages will make them take action. For example, if you are offering an app and you have a free version with limited features it will be good for users to try it first before committing to any paid plan. Probably it is good to use something that will make them download the app such as Download now – Free or Get the app instead of Try it now or Free trial. After all, you want the user to give it a try after all and eventually choose a paid plan which is more likely to happen when they download a free version.  Nowadays, most app websites put buttons to either Google Play or the Apple store or both. It is good as the users know that you app can be trusted.


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PaidHQ is an example of strong CTA with the clear message from the big download button and the image suggesting immediate use of the app.


Tip#3 – Use images and videos to talk to the users

Using visual language is always beneficial as people tend to respond better to images and visual messages. You can illustrate your product with a great photo or illustration. Or you can use video testimonials to show the users they can trust you.


Magisto’s page is an example of using a big visual to make users be curious and take action. The photo suggest something personal, enjoyable, fun and beautiful. “Make a Movie. Tell Your Story” headline suggests that you can be a director of your story and it will be beautiful.


Tip#4 – Buttons and CTA areas should be noticeable

If you really want to evoke any actions to be made from the users, you really have to find your way of making buttons and CTAs visible so it is easier for them what to do and what to expect.  Another important thing is to find the best action word that will make people click. Depending on your business you should try to identify what words to use: “Download now”, “Free”, “Buy” or “Sign up”..


The Naked Citizens above is dedicated to explaining the people in the EU of  the Regulation regarding their privacy rights and how tech companies and advertising industry are trying to weaken the Regulation and make it easier for companies to use personal information in opaque, unaccountable ways. Here, the action buttons and CTA areas are clear and the users know immediately what to do.


Tip#5 – Why you? – Use testimonials to show users they can trust you

It is also advisable to support your business with testimonials from happy clients. It is a good idea to find an area on the home page with some quotes from the clients that have been satisfied with the services or product you are offering. Make sure that you include the name of the person or the company.



Parallax is digital agency based in Leeds with clients all over the globe. They recently redesigned their website so it reflect the latest trends. On their home page you will see a designed testimonial/client area where they clearly state which are their clients and what they think of their work. The client testimonials are shown using a simple slider with different clients explaining why they are happy with their services.


Tip#6 – Keep it clean and use contrast colors

Home page is the most important and probably you do not want to be overcrowded with plenty of information and images. It is a good idea to keep it clean and only to show the most important things. If you put lots of text, button, images users probably would thing that it is too much to digest and hit the close button. Make sure that you define the areas of your website, clearly having the message you what the visitors to read and the action you want to take. You may choose different colours to separate the sections but make sure that you do not choose too much different colours so your website starts looking like a circus. You may choose a color palette which includes the background colours, the first and second level CTA buttons, the text colours etc.


Launchsite is a wonderful example of using a great colour palette with clean design. The areas are nicely separated with lighter shades of the main colours. Header menu are and the footer are made with the same colour to match each other which is a common practice in web design. The CTAs are in a nice  blue modern colour which is visible and looks great with the other colours on the website.


Tip#7 – Integrate social media

As you know, we are living in the social media area. Everything is shared. Users love to share something when they are impressed. That’s why it is crucial that you make social media buttons on you landing page. It is also beneficial from the CEO point of view. Google loves that. Again, it will be great if you put the social icons or buttons somewhere that users will find the easily. You can have a look at Add This, they have various way to incorporate social media. Also, you do not have to put all the popular social networks as this might be too much to handle. Business usually use Linkedin, Google plus and Twitter, while designers use Twitter, Behance, Dribble, Facebook and Google plus. Find which ones are the best for you and use them. It will be good to focus on ones that will help your online presence.


Eynsford Music Festival website is a very good example of incorporating social media icons with the overall design of the landing page. They are positioned in the menu area so they are easily visible with the main blue colour used. Very clean and simple.


Tip#8 – Test and Optimize

Finally, after creating your beautiful landing page you should leave some time for testing and optimizing as great design is not enough to perform well. You should make sure that your website is fast, SEO friendly and looks nice on different screen sizes. Yes, responsive design is so important. You should make sure that users find it attractive on tablets, smartphones and desktops.

Here is a list of resources that will help you test it:

5 Tools for Testing Responsive Web Design
Limelight Responsive – Another Great Responsive Testing Tool

Also, I am including some other resources that can be useful for your website development:

Smoothslides – A simple, lightweight, and responsive jQuery slideshow
S Gallery: A responsive jQuery gallery plugin with CSS3 animations
Trunk.js – Smooth, Responsive & Lightweight Nav Drawer
Screen sizes – A nifty little database of screen specifications
Midway.js – Automatically center the responsive elements on your websites
Sidr – best jQuery side menus
RESPONSIVE NAV – Responsive navigation plugin without library dependencies
12 Amazing Responsive Websites for Inspiration

To sum up, it seems that building a good landing page is a tough task but if you follow simple rules and you know what you want to say, it will be easier to create a successful landing page that will be beneficial and help your business or service. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave your comment below. I hope you will find these tips useful and thanks for reading!

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