Behind-the-scenes of Google’s Material Design Framework

How was Material Design invented and developed? What was the main idea behind the whole concept of the Google’s promising Framework?

Behind-the-scenes of Google’s Material Design Framework

Google released three videos that are revealing how their designers approached the idea of Material design. Designers share their thoughts on what exactly is their definition of it – for some of them it is a design system, a new perspective, a new communication tool between the users and the devices.

Making Material Design

Jon Wiley, a principal designs, thinks that before the Material Design everything in design was clashing because nobody ever thought about the physics of it. In Material Design they tried to think about what is the material that software is made of.

Bethany Frog, a senior interaction designer, explains how they thought of using the space of the device and create a meaningful structure that goes underneath it, as a skeleton.
The funny thing is that Material Design has started as an experiment, improvising and just following thoughts and ideas with no strict plan and idea.


Roboto Font is the one that Google adopted for their new framework. In this 2 minute video, Christian Robertson explains the reasons for choosing it and gives some details of the updating of Roboto.

Crafting Material

The main concept behind the Material design was how using the analogue materials can enhance the digital interface. Google designers created real life experiments to help them in the design of the framework, to see how things look and feel in the real space so to be able to transfer them beautifully into the digital one.

Learn more about the Material design Framework at

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