How to start a new website project – Free Kick-Off Checklist

New website projects can be difficult to start. In the beginning there are so many things to consider and believe it or not, even the best in business miss a few things.

Every start is a bit overwhelming

A new website project starts with meeting with a client. This meeting is very important as in the initial stage you have address all the questions and issues. But how to make sure that you ask all the relevant and important questions so the design team will kick off the project smoothly. You have to think about SEO, content generation and editing, security, technology requirements etc.. which can be a bit overwhelming.

How to be sure that you have all the information

Your team needs information in order to start. Marketing people need to know how the content will be tackled. Web design team needs to know the target audience, what will be the accents of the web pages, CTAs, functionality of the website, security etc. A lot of information should be gathered. To be confident that you have everything need to start, you may consider having a handy checklist which is separated into a few important categories and can be used in your meeting with the client. You also can use the checklist to discuss some issues that the client did not think about.

This handy checklist will help you not forget the necessary things you need to kick-off a new web site project.

Download Free Kick-Off Checklist

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