Ionicons: The premium icon font for Ionic Framework (free and open source)

A couple days ago we shared our predictions about the design trends in 2014 and we can say that probably we will be right (no bragging, just saying). At the end of these year we are seeing how the web changing in a such a fast pace and we are pretty sure that it will be even faster in 2014. It is diffucult to keep up with the trends and all of the new stuff but we are trying.

Today, we want to show you a new premium icon font for Ionic Framework. Althought the Framework is still not yet released it is great that a nicely-designed icon font is created. It is a completely free and open source. If you are curious about the Ionic Framework, you can sign up to receive the news when it is officially out. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the Ionicons and download them and why not give them a try. It is a really beautiful set of icons.

ionicons-01 ionicons-03



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