Learn to Code from scratch

Learn to Code from scratch is a  Web Development Roadmap for Beginners created by Web Design Degree Center.

In the age where online presence is a must for every company web development skills are extremely popular.  From maintaining simple company websites to developing online shops, from templates building to app design and development. Companies need versatile-skilled people to satisfy their clients needs.

Today, is no longer necessary to attend a college or university in order to learn how to code. The Internet is abundant with free and paid resources that will help you gain the basic knowledge for coding web pages but these resource will also take to develop advanced skills for template building and apps design.

Web design degree center has created a Web Development Roadmap for Beginners where you can see 9 chapters of learning to code. Starting with the basic HTML/CSS, going through PHP/MySQL, jQuery and finishing off with Ruby and Ruby on Rails.


Here are their advice on learning to code:

The Best Mindset for Learning

The best way to learn web development is by building something that interests you. As you develop coding skills, you will understand what is possible and that will inspire you to create your own project. By applying your skills on an interesting project, you will enjoy the learning process more and learn at a faster pace. So start working on your own project as soon as possible while continuing to gain more skills by following this roadmap.

Immerse Yourself

Learning how to code is similar to learning a new language. The best language students don’t just take courses, they also immerse themselves in the new culture by spending a lot of time with native speakers.

Make It Personal

In the same way, we encourage you to immerse yourself in web development by building a site that showcases your creativity and personality. Remember, if it’s interesting to you, it will be easier and faster to learn.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

If you are eager to start already, just go to Web Development Roadmap for Beginners and you journey may begin. Designify wishes you all the success and you can always check Designify website for code snippets, icons, tutorials, jquery plugins and many more…


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