Limelight Responsive – Another Great Responsive Testing Tool

Limelight Responsive is a wonderful online tool to test if your website is responsive.  You can preview your website in 15 different devices and one of the greatest features is that you can see if you have any errors in your code (based on common mistakes). Another great feature is that Limelight will also help you with meta viewports as it auto detects them and show you if you have missing ones.


All Features that Limelight Responsive offers:

  • Display multiple devices side-by-side on the screen at the same time
  • A single scroll bar to automatically scroll through all devices at the same time
  • Auto detection of the meta viewport tag and zooming in/out as required
  • Error reporting based on common setup mistakes with responsive sites
  • Clicking on <a> links will automatically update all devices currently being viewed to offer a true synchronized browsing experience
  • A simple #hash tag URL is created to easily share via email or social media
  • A bookmark that you can drag into your toolbar to quickly send any website you’re currently viewing into the responsive tool
  • The ability to switch into “minimal” mode for viewing sites on your local network that aren’t visible over the Internet

Most of the online tools for testing responsive design are not 100% accurate as you may know, and Limelight Responsive is not an exception but it is an amazing tool that will help you fix all the little mistakes before doing the actual testing on real devices and Designify recommends it.  Make sure you check the tips section as some of them may help you to achive the best responsive performance.




Thanks to Nigel Wells @Limelightonline  for suggesting the tool.

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2 Responses

  1. Aidan Rogers says:

    Great tool that will save a lot of time in the testing stages of web builds – thanks for sharing!

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