Why the homepage is the most important page on your website?

Yes, your homepage is the most important as it is the first thing people see. It is the main gate, the invitation to your business, the beginning of everything. It is like this: someone is knocking on your web door and you have got a second to grab their attention, to say to them “Look, I have something to say to you and I want to show you some stuff.” This is a lot harder than having a guest in your house… because you do not have an idea who’s coming, what are their expectations and their reactions. You have no idea but still your goal is to make them feel good and comfortable.

Actually, the home page is harder to design and created and also it is the most important one. If the first impressions are crucial in the digital era, the homepage has to be your most delicate and powerful tool.

Here are some tips from Bartek Golebiowski from Click5.


  1. Show the real you. Try to make the homepage reflect your character, attitude and qualities (as an individual or a company).
  2. Be creative and have fun. It’s the Internet – go crazy. People will appreciate it.
  3. Allow them to contact you easily. A website is a great form of communication, but nothing beats a direct email exchange or a chat on the phone. Make the contact info inviting and visible at all times.


  1. Be too modest. Someone’s here to find out about you, so fire away and show them your best.
  2. Make them wait. It’s not the movies. People won’t wait to see the main feature, so cut down on the number of clicks and the loading times.
  3. Try to blend in. There’s nothing worse than trying to look “as good” as your competition. You are different, so make it show.

Here is a small collection of websites that actually have a great home page.


This article is based on the book  Guidelines for online success .

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