8 Gorgeous Christmas Movie Titles to put you in a Festive Mood

8 Gorgeous Christmas Movie Titles to put you in a Festive Mood

With a few days left until the jolliest of holidays, I thought about favourite Christmas movies and their titles. There are these times at Christmas when everyone really feels that should take a break from work or school and steals a couple of hours to watch a great holiday movie.

Holiday family time is even more valuable when we all gather together to watch a Christmas classic and laugh. Believe me, I am not talking about Home Alone although it is included in the list below for its dedicated fans.

If it is true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, I wonder is it true that you can judge a movie by its title sequence?
I’ve collected 8 holiday movie titles that will surely put you in the holiday mood and you can figure out what to watch this year with friends and family.

#1 – Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

Made 70 years ago, Christmas in Connecticut is a timeless classic that should be watched on Christmas. Barbara Stanwyck is amazing as Elizabeth Lane, a food writer who manages to deceit her publisher and housewives across the country about her picturesque farm and the life she is having. As you imagine, things become a bit complicated.

#2 – White Christmas (1954)

White Christmas is a romantic oldie, starring the great Bing Crosby who can make you feel jolly and cheerful no matter if you are listening to his holiday albums or watching him in this movie. White Christmas is not pretending to be a big movie, the plot is a bit thin but it is surely an enjoyable story where actors will make you sing along. The designer of the titles is unknown but the illustrator is Dorothea Holt Redmond, known for her work on Alfred Hitchcock films.

For the title sequnces visit Art of the Title.

#3 – Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

Spending Christmas without watching the Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer is almost like Christmas without presents. Delightfully warm from the beginning, this stop-motion classing is a necessity for the jolliest of all family holidays as the snow, nutcrackers and eggnog. The titles are designed by Larry Roemer and set the festive mood from the very first frame.

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#4 – Scrooge (1970)

Scrooge is a musical version of Charles Dickens’ classic novel about the stingy miser on his journey in becoming a better person. The movie a favorite one for many people around the world and it starts with the beautiful hand-drawn titles created by Ronald Searle and every frame of it is a piece of art, beautiful illustrations with splashes of colour drag the viewer into the magical Christmas story of self-redemption.

#5 – The Nightmare before Christmas (1993)

The story of the Jack Skellington, the King of the Halloween Town, who opens the portal to the Christmas Town and decides to celebrate the holiday is one of the best works of the extremely creative Tim Burton.

The titles are not the typical ones that you know, more like an intro to the story which is magical as the whole movie. Burton knows how to put you in the holiday mood in a rather unorthodox way. A must see movie for every Christmas.

#6 – Love Actually (2003)

Created more than a decade ago by the eminent Richard Curtis, Love Actually is another Christmas classic that is replayed over many Christmas evenings by many all around the world. The ten simple stories presented in the movie take place 5 weeks before Christmas and the title sequence with Hugh Grant’s (playing the Prime Minister) monologue is one of the popular videos shared on social media sites.

#7 – A Christmas Carol (2009)

A Christmas Carol is probably one of the most loved holiday story in the whole world. First published in 1843, Dickens’s story is one that evokes positive emotions and make the people think about their actions and way of life. The story of the old Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation is an absolute classic making Christmas even more special holiday. The Disney version is one that is surely popular and the titles show the city of London in the Victorian era and its people.

#8 – The Borrowers (2011)

A truly wonderful titles created by Clemens Wirth for the 2011 TV series “The Borrowers” starring Christopher Eccleston, Sharon Horgan and Stephen Fry. Clemens is an Austrian director and visual artist who has been recognized by many festivals and featured in many international magazines. The Borrowers series is as great as the titles itself.

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