15+ Amazing Websites for Free Icons

15+ Amazing Websites for Free Icons

Every web or graphic designer knows how important the icons in any kind of project are. Personally, I love icons as they provide a great way to convey messages with a simple symbol.

Designers are also aware of the usefulness of the icons in responsive design because they can be used instead of text to save space and add visual appeal to web apps and mobile websites.

Currently, there are many designers that are creating different icons and there is no doubt that the visual language has been enriched in the last decade.

As a designer myself, I do love a great set of icons and I keep and update a huge collection of resources. Most of the times I do create icons myself in illustrator but sometime I like to have something ready if I do not have the time to create one from the scratch.

So, today I have decided to have a look online and find some amazing websites for free icons. Have a look below:

Material icons

The popular set of Google’s Material design icons organized in different categories. They are open-source and free to use in any projects. The set can be adapted, edited, remixed, and shared.

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Aiconica is a project that is created by a group of developers and artists aiming to provide free content for themselves and others. The icons are free to use and there is no need for attributions. Currently, there are 1035 free icons, organized in popular categories.

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The Noun Project

The Noun Project is one of the most popular websites for free icons. There are currently more than 150,000 icons that are created from people from all around the world. You can choose to get a free icons (attribution is required) or you can subscribe and for a small monthly fee you can download unlimited icons. There is also a Mac App with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

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Octicons is a Github project that gives you a great icon font that can be used in web and app projects. The font features popular and custom icons that can be added as any popular icon font.

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Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

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IconStore features free beautiful sets of useful icon sets made by talented first-class designers from all around the world. The icons are organized in three main categories: Colored, Glyph and Outline. If you are searching for great icons, IconStore can be able to help you with that. Be sure to look at the newest colored sets as you find many creative icons.

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Icono is a set of pure CSS icons that can be added with a single element. To use the set, a single stylesheet has to be linked to the document. The set currently features 130 icons. You can contribute to the project on Github.

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Modern Design Icons

Material Design Icons is a growing collection of free icons that can be used by designers and developers in any projects. Icons are provided in various formats; SVG, webfont, vector or as an icon package for Android. There a plenty of formats to choose from. You can also suggest an icon idea if you cannot find what are you looking for.

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Evil Icons are not a new project on the web but they are surely one of the best ones. Completely free to use, the icons are beautiful and pixel-perfect. Evil icons is a free and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Nohe.js, Sprockets,Rails, Gulp, Grunt and CDN. You also can contribute to the set.

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Payment Font is a particularly useful for designers and developers who are creating ecommerce websites. It is a sleek webfont that contains 95 icons of all main payment methods and operators. In order to use, you need to copy the required folders and use in your documents with a simple line.

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Font Awesome

The most popular icon font that is widely used, most of the times with Bootstrap. The set currently features 585 icons but new ones are added all the time.

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SmartIcons is a free web place where you can find beautiful SVG icons. They are scalable and Hi-DPI ready, a whole set can be styled with some CSS and customized easily. Every month the authors release 100 new icons. You can use the free membership, a paid one or download an app so you can easily drag-and-drop any icon in a graphic editing tool.

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FlatIcon is again a project that has been on the web for a while and it keeps growing. Created by the authors of the free graphic resource website Freepik, FlatIcon is a popular tool for designers. There are 33 icon categories and there is an Adobe extension that can be used with Photoshop, Illustrator or After Effects which will help you to add icons directly. Icons are available in SVG, PSD, EPS or PNG format or you can create a custom icon font.

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IconMonstr is a large database of free icons provided in SVG and PNG format. The icons can be used in personal and commercial projects without attribution. You can also modify the icons to suit your needs.

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Another great tool for free custom built, pixel-perfect icons. The free version will give you 490 icons in SVG, PDF, EPS, AI and PSD format, installable Ligature font and free updates. Icons can be used in commercial and personal projects and they can be modified. You can also choose to download the app and use the icons directly.

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To [icon] is created by a group of designers struggling to illustrate simple actions into metaphors. Born during a complicated project, the group created a project where new metaphors can be translated into simple icon. A truly curious and interesting project for everyone who loves beautiful icons.

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Icony is a free and awesome pixel perfect icon set of 100 scalable icons with the promise of icons to be added all the time. The authors promise that every icon is carefully crafted with great attention to detail. Popular formats included; SVG, PSD and PNG. The set costs $2 and there is also a easy-to-use retina font that scales and looks great on retina screens.

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We Love Icon Fonts

We Love Icon Fonts is a free and open source icon fonts hosting service that features lovely sets of free icon fonts. There are currently 10 icon fonts to choose from and you can used them in mockups, Codepen tests or for similar use. The authors would not recommend to use them on productive systems.

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IonIcons is a premium icon font, created specifically for Ionic Framework. The set is completely free and open sources. It features most of the popular icons in two versions: line and full-color black. Pixel-perfect and they can be added by using the CDN.

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