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Icons have been around for a very long time. They have shaped the way we communicate with each other. From sign boards to now icons on mobile apps, they say so much without using a single word. Designers have long benefitted from the development of icons as well. They have used them to enhance their design and create visuals that were minimalistic. Icons are a means to declutter designs and follow the concept of “Less is more.”

Although icons have been digitized and spurred a revolution in the tech-world, there remained a dilemma for designers. Not every icon was available in every style. What may seem like a minute-long job turned into something that took time and rigorous effort. There wasn’t a database of icons available online.

Clients would ask for changes in the design of an app or website, from something colorful to completely black and white. This meant, every icon needed to be converted to a line icon; something black and white to go along the design.

If there had been a wide variety of the same icons available on one platform, the job would have been much easier.

The problem of not finding suitable icon styles persisted for a long time.


Iconbunny, a design studio, decided to take the responsibility upon their shoulders. In order to ease the entire process, they created 50,000+ icons which were available in 10+ different styles.

They made sure that a designer no longer needs to scroll through a large list of websites to land on the icon of their choice. They converted an hour long job back into minutes. A designer could simply go onto and browse through a collection of 50,000+ icons available in a large set of themes and styles.

As designers, they clearly understood the needs of their fellow designers and created just that. They made designs that you could download in 6 different formats; AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG.

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Download the Free Social media and Logos icon set to understand all the different styles

The social media and logos iconset consists of 1400 icons that are available in 10+ different styles. You can download the icons in 6 different formats; AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG. The designs are intricate and consist of lots of minute detailing.

If you want to add sharing icons on your website or use social media or logo icons anywhere on a mobile or web application, this FREE iconset offered by Iconbunny should be your go-to iconset because you won’t have trouble finding an icon that fits every design philosophy – be it yours, or your clients.

You can download this exclusive Social Media iconset for Free here:




The payment methods set has 700 icons you can download for Free

If you are an e-commerce website and would like to add a payment method icon to your website or mobile app, this payment methods iconset with 700 icons from Iconbunny will be a perfect fit. What makes this iconset special is the fact that it can downloaded in 6 different formats; AI, CDR, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG and in 14 different styles.

This means, you will no longer need to browse through a large range of websites to find the icon style you need. You can simply download this FREE payment methods iconset and integrate in any of your projects.

You can download the payment methods set for Free here:




You can clearly understand the value of a wide variety of iconsets by browsing through the collection available at Go and explore!

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