Resources: Freebies

Murmers Typeface

6 Amazing Free Goodies from Creative Market

This week’s set includes 6 vintage logos, a great photopack of 34 high resolution photos from south Italy, a cardboard texture pack, beautiful creative resume/cv, a unique typeface and a brush pack for Adobe Illustrator.


30 Amazing Free Goodies for Designers

This week I have a wonderful selection of lavishly creative free resources from designers for designers. Free resources are a great way to improve your skills and your projects. These freebies are real treasures as they will add this little something that is missing sometimes.


Free Font of the Day: Ailerons

Today’s free font is coming from Brazil. It is created by Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira who is a web and graphic designer. Ailerons is a font that is inspired by the aircraft models from the 1940s.