9 fresh places for creative designers and developers to earn some cash

Being a freelance designer or developer can be a bit challenging and work can be quite scarce at times. Sometimes there is a lot of work to do and clients send requests all the time but sometimes it seems that the clients completely forgot about your existence.

Workless times can be quite overwhelming. Probably, you are keeping yourself busy by learning new stuff and honing your skills by doing personal projects and doing tutorials. Workless days also mean no income to support your lifestyle.

There are many opportunities in the online world that you can choose to do to earn some cash. I have selected some online places that are loved by designers and let them sell creative work. To pros are clear: no strict brief, you can create whatever you like and acquire some money. Have a look and give it a try.


Spreadshirt is a worldwide creative platform for personalized apparel such as tees, hoodies and more. Selling creative design on spreadshirt is very easy. You can choose from two options: sell on their marketplace or create your own shop. If you are a freelance designer wishing some additional cash you may want to choose to sell on spreadshirt marketplace. You only need to create a lovely design. Spreadshirt will take care for stock, prining, shipping and customer service.

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Sellfy is a fresh platform for selling digital content. You can choose to sell designs, ebooks, audio, video or software. Opening a shop is easy and straightforward and you can also choose to join Sellfy Market where you can gain exposure to lots of visitors and start earning.

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Appfutura is the ultimate community for mobile app developers. Appfutura is currently a thriving online workplace as it connects mobile developers and companies so they can together develop an app project. The projects and companies come from everywhere in the world and the jobs range from app designers, developers, consultants or marketing specialists. There are more than 13 platforms available. So if you are a confident app developer, you can give it a try. The money is good.

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If you are a creative person, Etsy is your place. You can choose to sell tees, greeting cards, logo design, web ads, business cards, typographic prints or anything creative you like doing. The marketplace is really huge and you just need to find your niche and start selling.

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Cafepress is a popular website to sell creative work online. You can choose what to sell from a really extensive product portfolio. Whether it is stationery, apparel, cases for mobile phones, mugs or notebooks. Give it a try to see how it works.

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Design by Humans

DBH is one of the place where you can buy and sell high quality apparel such as tees, hoodies, tank tops… They also provide art prints and phone cases. If you want to become a DBH artists you should apply first. Once your application is successful you can start promoting and selling your designs. You can earn $3.00 per every t-shirt and tank top and $4.50 per hoodie and sweatshirt. For more info click on learn more link.

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If you are good at designing different print materials with Adobe Indesign , you should consider joining TemplateCloud. Many graphic designers use it to sell their designs and earn commission. You set the price and where to sell your designs.

Don’t struggle alone with projects

Join the creative community of UX, graphic, web designers and developers to get help with any design or dev project.

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Freepik is the largest source for vector and PSD graphics. You can easily become an author and earn some cash. You need to be able to design contemporary graphics, illustrations or icons and have a good portfolio. One last thing, Freepik guys will ask you to do a little test but if you are good, you do no need to worry.

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Are you really good at something and you are confident that you can teach the others? Thinkific is a platform that allows people with teaching abilities to create their own online course and make money from it. The Starter plan is free so you can give it a try and see how it is to teach the others. There is a 10% transaction fee.

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    I think udemy is also very good place to earn some money from teaching.

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