Branding for La Bottega – Cucina Italiana

Kidstudio, a creative graphic design studio based in Florence, Italy, has recently completed the branding and web design for a high-quality restaurant called La Bottega which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The studio created all the branding bits and pieces; from the street insigna to the website. Custom illustrations and an invisibly modern logo were specifically created complete the feeling of an original Italian kitchen.

If you ever experienced Florence, wandering the streets in search of an informal typical Italian Trattoria to grab a bite, you know that the branding for La Bottega and the restaurant itself looks like one.

The rustic furniture and rough interior just add up a bit to the feeling that you are somewhere in Italy (why not in Florence) sipping a glass of their wonderfully delicious wine and biting a fresh tomato bruschetta.

Kidstudio thought about everything; the business cards are embossed with the elegant logo, the menus are designed with the formal Bodonian typeface and custom food illustrations.

The website is a perfect reflection of the La Bottega restaurant as the warm feeling of the place is somehow transferred to the screen. Kidstudio took care and built a fully customizable event-management system that is a part of complex booking procedure but yet simple enough to be used by the clients and the administrator of the website.

A fully responsive HTML5/CSS3 website which is also designed to be expanded or replicated when needed.

Take a look at the project and if you happen to visit Geneva, put La Bottega visit in your list, it will worth enjoying such place.


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