Colourful Branding for The Hangout Café

Colourful Branding for The Hangout

The Hangout is a café located in Tirupati and Bangalore in India. It is a place selling pizza, burgers, fried chicken and cakes whose target audience is the youngsters.

The idea of branding is to reflect the lifestyle of young people who spend most of their time having fun, talking, playing and eating the food that The Hangout prepares and sales.

This colour branding is a product from the collaboration of two Indian designers – Nachiket Jadhav and Meroo Seth, who both do great graphic design.

The logo for The Hangout café was carefully considered and developed. Here are the versions and the final one.

Colourful Branding for The Hangout

The chosen logo is a combination of a chat symbol and the food elements of a burger and a pizza. The authors combine these elements to convey the nature of the place – one that is for meeting close friends or hanging out with pals and eating comforting and delicious food. The idea was to create a fresh, contemporary look suggesting a fun social experience.

Colourful Branding for The Hangout

Here are some more details of how this branding direction transfers into various materials and mediums.


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To see the full project, visit its Behance page.

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