Pentagram created a new identity for the top London attraction

Being the greenest city in Europe, London owes his green status to some extent to The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The humongous part of London’s greenery can be found there.

Kew (founded 1759) is the largest collection of living plants in the world, a botanical research center and among the top visitor attractions in London. In 2003, UNESCO declared Kew a World Heritage Site.

Pentagram’s partner, Harry Pearce and his team have created a new identity for the gardens bearing in mind what an exceptional place Kew is. The Royal Botanic Gardens can be characterized as a unique green space with royal heritage and devotion to cutting-edge research.

Kew logo is the accent of this new identity and used essentially of all brand applications. The logo is the centre of The Royal Botanic Gardens’ communications and this is visible on all promo posters as it is positioned in the middle of detailed images of plants, emphasizing the brand connection with the nature.

The team chose two typefaces for the new identity; a customized version of Baskerville which was designed in 1757, just two years before Kew was established, and communicates the heritage and history. Franklin Gothic was selected as a contrasting typeface to show the unconventional and experimental nature of Kew.





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All images courtesy of Pentagram

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