15+ Wonderful Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials

Skills development and enhancement is part of the job for every design professional. Designers, like many other creative workers, have to invest huge amount of time in broadening their skill palette if they are taking the job seriously. Better skills lead to better projects, better results, and professional content and satisfaction.

For all the above mentioned reasons, I have collected some of the greatest Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials to help designers learn new skills. Text manipulation still plays vital role in design field, so learning a trick or two would be only beneficial.

Let’s have a look what is available:

Fresh 3D Text Effect

By vejaeaprenda

Vintage Stamped Text Tutorial

By ChurchMediaDesign.tv

Letterpress Print & Rubber Stamp Effects [Photoshop & Illustrator]

By Spoon Graphics

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Create a Fun, Retro, Chalkboard Card

By Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

Make a Retro, Cajun-style, Tattoo Logo Design

By Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

Make “The Walking Dead” Text Effect

By KingTutsPro

Lightning Text Effect

By Dansky

Light Burst Text Effect

By Photoshop Tutorials

Digital-glitch, Scan-line Text

By Blue Lightning TV Photoshop

Using Textures as Layer Masks for a vintage look

By David Mattos

Hand Painted 3D Text Effect

By Flow Graphics

Realistic Neon Light Text Effect

By GraphixTV

Simple, Editable Retro Text Effect

By Letsgettoit

Smoky Neon Glow Effect

By Dan Fitzgerald

Chrome 3D Text Using Image Based Lights

By Photoshop Training Channel

Exploding Text Effect

By Photoshop Tutorials

Text Transparency Effect

By KingTutsPro

Chrome Text Effect

By Carlos Chumacero Inga

3D Text World Photo Manipulation

By Picture Fun

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