5 New & Creative Outdoor Ads (February 2015)

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.

William Bernbach

Outdoor advertising is probably one the most creative mediums that urge designers to push their imagination to the limits. This type of advertising connects and interacts with the public in a way that emotions are shared immediately.

Outdoor ads are extremely successful as they do not directly sell or advertise a product but allowing the audience to feel different and sometimes extreme experiences.

Today I’ve got five fresh outdoor ads that interact with the public and evoke emotional involvement;“UN World Food Programme: 805 Million Names” that features the famous football player, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, and aims to fight some of the most severe issues that humanity is facing;

“Galaxy Note 4: Shark Diving In The Desert” is a product promotion outdoor ad which allows people to take up diving in a place that they would never imagine diving is possible;

“We Compost Weekend” is an action outdoor ad that aims to change people’s perceptions of garbage waste;

“Ford Mustang: Speed Dating” features an unusual blind dates with a rather cool and fast vehicle;

“Vodafone: Flower to you” is all about love as the logo of the telecommunication company is created by roses and urges the people to give a rose to someone they love.

Have a look below to see how creative ideas transform into emotions.

UN World Food Programme: 805 Million Names

One of the rules of the successful ad is using a celebrity. Zlatan Ibrahimovich is the star figure in this ad which aims to urge people to take action and stand against hunger. On the Valentine’s Day, Paris Saint-German played against Caen at Parc des Princes and there was nothing special about this particular game. For the talented footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, it was an important one. Under his sport sweater he had 50 names tattooed, the names of the people that he never knew and met, but he wanted to keep close. These 50 names are part of 805 million people that suffer from hunger nowadays. The campaign is create by Forsman & Bodenfors Stockholm from the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide.

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Galaxy Note 4: Shark Diving In The Desert

Samsung Electronics Australia asked Leo Burnett Sydney to help them launch the Samsung Gear VR to the public. Samsung Gear VR is a new virtual reality headset powered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Leo Burnett created a unique 360-degree film that shows the potential of such innovative platform by allowing people to dive into a an underwater world where sharks are living freely. Taylor Steel, a well-known surf director of Rapid VR, worked together with advertising studio and captured an amazing footage, including a 360-degree shot of the inside of a shark’s mouth.

We Compost: We Compost Weekend

As every densely populated place in world, Auckland has issues with the organic waste. It sends half a million tonnes of such waste to landfill a year, which can be turned into compost worth $20 million. We Compost regard food scraps waste as a valuable source. Aiming to grow their business and change Aucklanders view of organic waste, We Compost asked DDB New Zealand to help them. DDB turned food scraps into currency for a weekend and Aucklanders were able to collect organic waste to pay for goods and services.

Ford Mustang: Speed Dating

This ad is a rather funny one as it features the fast 2015 Mustang and a very beautiful stunt driver. Team Detroit created this one with the help of a bunch of unsuspecting guys that are involved in a blind date with a beautiful woman. All goes well until they are invited to join her for a ride. This is called Mustang Speed Dating.

Vodafone: Flower to you

Khanna Reidinga agency helped Vodafone create “Flower to you” for Valentine’s day. Three large Vodafone logos consisting of red and white roses were positioned at Groningen Central station, Rotterdam Central station and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. All these – more than 10.000 – roses were given to people on all three locations. There was simple message alongside with the rose – “Give this to someone you love”. The campaign’s goal is to connect the people between each other in the best way, the way that Vodafone does it.

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