FREE & FIT: Short Yet Effective Workouts for Busy Designers Working from Home

Nadejda from gives some advice on how to stay healthy and fit while working from home.

Freelancing and exercise don’t seem to FIT perfectly, but they actually do. When you have so much freedom, you can easily let yourself go.

You can stay up all night and then vegetate all day on the coach. And have as many chocolate bars and soda as you want. Working in front of computer does not necessarily mean to binge yourself all day with junk food.

Working from home actually have serious advantages if you are motivated to stay in shape and feel vital and physically active:

1. You have complete control over your schedule.

Talking about exercise, irregular working hours are a great plus. You don’t have to constantly rush and trade your one-hour lunch break for your workout. Moreover, missing lunch will most probably result in unhealthy snacking in the afternoon.

2. Every kind of activity counts.

You can go out for a walk in the neighborhood and meanwhile do some groceries. This will allow your eyes, brain and fingers rest and you’ll come home with some fresh food.

3. You can set aside time for cooking completely suited to your working hours.

And enjoy every day fresh, homemade and healthy meals.

4. You can get an Instant Refuel Smoothie anytime you feel fatigue.

Blend together 50% leafy greens, 1 fruit, some good fats until smooth and voilà!

5. You can split your physical activity throughout the day.

Do some strength training in the morning when you have more energy, and add 10-15 minutes of medium or high-intense cardio in the afternoon. The 10-minute resistance training will elevate your metabolism for several hours. And it will give you a mental boost. When you need to clear out your head in the later hours, use the cardio time to plan your next day or off-work activities you enjoy.

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Here is a simple but effecting weekly workout for inspiration.


Why don’t you give it a try? Whether you complete all routines or just give one a shot, these quick-yet-effective workouts are a great way to stray you off the computer and keep your body and mind healthy.

Nadejda is Certified Nutrition Coach and Weight Management Consultant whose mission is to advise and help people live healthier lifestyle. She is a firm believer of healthy diet, proper workouts and a life without medications. Working over a decade in the corporate world helped her change her mindset to achieve a balanced and better quality lifestyle.
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