Lovely Branding Concept for Chicago Getaway Hostel

Elisa Sandoval is a designer from Chicago, IL and she recently has been commissioned to create a branding concept for a hostel in Chicago. Her concept is based on Chicago architecture and signage aiming to accentuate on the hostel social character and enjoyable experience that guests may have in the Windy city.

The signage and marketing materials are based on strong vivid colours with clean typography and featuring Chicago’s main architecture landmarks. The website concept also reflects the use of playful colour boxes nicely arranged in a grid with images from the hostel. Elisa Sandoval has created a great branding concept that suggests a really pleasant experience in Chicago, especially if you choose Chicago Gateway Hostel.

Elisa graduated in 2010 from Maryland Institute College of Art – BFA Printmaking. She did an internship in The Killswitch Collective, Chicago. You can find her portfolio @coroflot


chicago-gateway-hostel chicago-gateway-hostel-01 chicago-gateway-hostel-02 chicago-gateway-hostel-03 chicago-gateway-hostel-04 chicago-gateway-hostel-05

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