10 innovative websites with stunning typography

Searching for typographical inspiration for your website? This collection of 10 gorgeous websites will give it to you!

Have you ever bought a book just because you liked the cover of it? It happened to me a couple of times. Some books have amazing covers, with lovely colours and amazing typography.

I admit, I have a soft spot for typography. I love it on print and on the web. There are websites where letters are so cleverly and wittily that you are stunned.

Typography is mighty. It can evoke strong emotions, influence, motivate… The designer’s play with letters together with a clever idea can send a powerful message to viewers.

Let’s have a look at 10 designs that make typography the hero of their website.

Patrick David – Personal website


Patrick’s personal website can be described as bold and unique. It is a clear statement of his views, distinctive thinking and approach to design. Typography is bold and conveys the messages Patrick wants visitors to notice.



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TopHat website is typography based, combining different fonts, playing with kerning and sizes to present company’s individuality and different thinking. A simple and clever approach to web design.



Together with bold colours and striking photography, TechStyle uses typography to present their brand as an innovative technology company within the fashion business.

The visual hierarchy of the information, the excellent choice of font sizes, the images and colours guide the user and tell a story of a unique brand.

Jeweller. Wireless Technology


Jeweller is clean and slick website which uses bold typography to present the features of the product. It also follow a minimalist line which communicates the notion of perfection and simplicity.

The Wedding of Jessica and Brennan


This long scrolling one page website starts with a beautiful typography to invite family and friends to the most important day of Jessica and Brennan.

The whole website is classy, the lovely typography and subtle parallax makes the website a dream one for anyone who wants to announce their wedding online.

Chicago Montessori


A website for a school in Chicago dedicated to educating children with the different approach of Montessori. The typography here plays a vital role as it communicates the approach of this type of education.

It also guides the visitors through the steps of having a child be part of this unconventional type of school.

Jemimah Barnett


Jemimah’s website is one of the classiest ones I have ever seen. From colours and layout to typography and animation, this website screams professionalism and class.

The website uses as main fonts Playfair and Montserrat, two very popular free fonts, in a perfect combination to present top-notch services offered by Jemimah Barnett.

Jenny Johannesson


Jenny is a digital designer with background in advertising. Her website is the perfect example of style, flair and professionalism. When you land into the main page, a beautiful type morphing loader appears and when the website is fully loaded her first name is shown together with her bio.

The website offers the perfect balance between beautiful typography, animation and interaction and visual content.

Startup Lab


Startup Lab’s website can be described as clean and unusual. Bold typography and great colour palette greets the visitor.

Using the popular Proxima Nova typeface, the three options for exploring the website are presented with huge font size and monochrome images. This website is simple and innovate at same time.

21 Dimes – Stories of Change


21 Dimes is a project between BNP Paribas and North Sea Jazz to support musicians develop their career and music. The website uses strong typography and audacious color palette to present the music of jazz talents.

The stories of the artists executed in text, audio and video to create a varied experience. The stories are staged with a bold design and focus on transitions and effects.

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