Your Email on Mobile: How Each Mobile OS Displays Your Message

Email on mobile devices – How does it look ?

As more mobile devices are introduced into the marketplace, the number of screen sizes we need to consider when designing email is exploding. This superabundance of screen sizes directly impacts the design and planning process—affecting how you determine breakpoints in media queries, lay out your design and use responsive design techniques. To make matters more confusing, each mobile device will likely run one of four popular operating systems, each with its own ecosystem of downloadable applications for reading email. These applications offer differing support for HTML and CSS—meaning that emails opened on the same device might display differently from program to program and app to app. While we can’t cover every conceivable option, the graphic below begins to communicate the wide variety of mobile screen screen sizes out there, and shows how a standard 600px-wide email without responsive elements will display on several popular devices and the default mail applications in each of their operating systems.

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