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10 Principles of Good Design Dieter Rams

Dieter Rams’ 10 Principles of Good Design Poster

Dieter Rams was the head of design in Braun for decades and for the time spent there he was part of the development for a great number of products. His heritage is visible in the products he created but he also he wrote 10 principles of the good design which have inspired designers for years.

5 Great Videos for social change

5 Great Videos for Social Change

Designify deciced to find some great inspiring videos that promote social change and awareness. These 5 videos below are a creative way to tell people serious stories (sometimes with a little sense of humor) about social problems. We will try to keep finding “do good” videos to inspire designers and people in general to take action for social good.

adidas dry die

Every Drop Counts with Adidas

I do not know whether Adidas are following Levi’s example of waterless production but according to Design Taxi Adidas intoduced waterless T-shirts. The technology is called “DryDye” and the use of chemicals and energy...