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Leafy Free Brush Font

Freebie: Leafy Brush Font

Leafy is for all these projects which need a personal and handmade feel. It possesses a truly unique character, and as in nature you would never find two leaves that are the same, it really represents individuality.

Font of the Day: Sant’Elia Script

Font of the Day: Sant’Elia Script

Today’s font is coming from the Yellow Design Studio – a Wisconsin studio run by two very talented creative designers. Sant’Elia Script is a modern type family with strong personality. It comes with regular and rough versions in six weights.


Top 5 Freebies of the Day

Who doesn’t like a bunch of high quality freebies.Have a look and download below. Thanks to the amazing dribbble community of great designers I can present you 5 amazing freebies that you can add...


Free Font of the Day: Gidole Sans

The typeface is designed around slightly squircled circle, open apertures and even stroke width for a minimalistic and geometric look without sacrificing legibility.