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Ink Maze illustrations by Maria Tiurina

The campaign is for a drink which helps you fall asleep so Maria decided to create highly detailed ink illustrations which are themed under different environments – plane, camping and home interior. The idea of these illustrations is to show how the annoying and distracting sounds would get lost in a maze of obstacles when you have that magical drink and you will be able to take a nap.


430+ FREE storyboard illustrations

If you are doing any animations and motions graphics, you probably are doing storyboards. Sometimes, you need to create a storyboard for a client quite quickly and you struggle to find the best way...

infographic tools

5 Great Infographics Tutorials

How do you choose and create these symbols and graphics so they will present the information you want to share? What do you have to bear in mind while creating information graphics?


Amazing Illustrated Barcodes

Steve Simpson, originally from Manchester, England but now firmly based in Ireland, has published on Behance his idea for the look the barcodes we see everywhere.  He has done some amazing illustrated barcodes of...


Inspiring TED talks about design

David Carson on design + discovery David Carson’s boundary-breaking typography in the 1990s, in Ray Gun magazine and other pop-cult books, ushered in a new vision of type and page design — quite simply,...