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25 Superb After Effects Tutorials

25 Superb After Effects Tutorials

Learning After Effects is diffucult and takes a lot of time. But once you get the knack of it and put your creative ideas into motion, a whole new Universe will open to you and will get a creative pleasure of creating beautiful animated or video projects.

"Pure geometry" by Romanowsky

Alexey Romanowski’s Pure Geometry

Alexey Romanowski is a motion designer from Kiev, Ukraine with a flair for motion graphics, digital art and graphic design. He recently published a video on vimeo called “Pure Geometry”. The video presents his...


Genesis Animation

Genesis is a video made for Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin 2013, co-directed with the argentinean artist Francisco Miranda, winner of the 4th. Pictoplasma Residency Award 2013. Exhibited in the General Public Gallery in Berlin, from 10th to 14th April.

10 great motion graphics

10 Great Motion Graphics

  Mobile Infographics Turkish version of an infographic movie explaining how smart phones and mobile internet takes place in our lives as indispensable interface. Stating demographic and statistical data on social media, mobile advertising-gaming,...