9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

Wireframing is no longer just a buzz word in the mouth of marketers, it is a necessity for individuals or teams dedicated to create and build better solutions and services for users.

Nowadays, the tools aiding the rapid prototyping process are many, all aiming to provide a simple way to speed up process, cut costs and quick convey messages and communicate ideas. Rapid prototyping thought wireframing also helps to enhance usability and functionality.

But how do you know which tools is the best for your own needs, which one will be the best fit for your team. There is no easy to figure it out. It would be quite beneficial if you or the team figure out what do you need so the process of creating wireframes is better by the features provided and ways of communications. Such tool might be even regarded as a member of the team.

For individuals (freelancers) such tool can be also a great way to speed up your process and help you out in dealing with clients.

This post is a selection of what is currently available when it comes to a tool for speeding up idea generation and presentation.

If you have other tool which is not included in the list below, feel free to leave a note below as a comment.


9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

Justinmind is quite a popular tool which focuses on prototyping for web and mobile apps. It features a lot of UI elements, Google Fonts integrations, Integrations with design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch), mobile gestures and transitions, commenting system, test and view interactive prototypes.

  • Tool offers: Wireframing and prototyping, Huge Element Library, Google Font integrations, Design tools integration and many more
  • Plans offered: Professional ($19 per user/mo) and Enterprise
  • Suitable for: Designers and Developers both at solo professional level or large teams and enterprises
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

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Precursor is focused on collaboration and fast prototyping. It allows you to communicate and share ideas with team members in real-time with not much effort. It is designed to prototype ideas on the go, perfectly working on tablets and phones.

  • Tool offers: fast prototyping and collaboration
  • Plans offered: Public (Free), Teams ($10 per user/mo) and Enterprise
  • Suitable for: Designers, Developers or anyone who needs to sketch an idea on the go
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Fluid UI

9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

The catch phrase behind Fluid UI is “fast and friendly prototyping” and the team behind it aims for both speed, functionality and features. In 5 easy steps and in less than 15 minutes you will be able to get a prototype running on your phone for user testing. After signing up, you will be able to use 16+ build in libraries for iOS, Android, Windows or wearables, upload your own assets, add links and transitions and finally preview your design in both browser or mobile.

  • Tool offers: Rapid prototyping, 16+ libraries for iOS, Android, Windows, wearables and many more, Gestures and transitions, Collaboration and Feedback
  • Suitable for: Designers & Developers
  • Plans offered: Forever free or Paid (Solo/Pro/Team with different prices for month and annual subscriptions)
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

HotGloo is a wireframe and prototyping tool designed to build wireframes for web, mobile and wearables. Extremely easy to use so that you can kickstart a project immediately.

It is also optimized for mobile which will allow you review, edit and test work on any mobile device and leave notes and comments if needed. Teams are welcome as you can invite people to join and collaborate with you. With one license you work with up to 100 people.

  • Tool offers: Wireframing and prototyping, Element library with over 2000 elements, icons and UI widgets, Team collaboration, Mobile Testing and Review
  • Plans offered: Group (€13), Team (€27), Agency (€54) and Enterprise (15day free trial with all plans, without the need of a credit card. )
  • Suitable for: Designers, Developers, UX Professionals
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

Mockflow is dedicated to web designers providing them with UX tools from wireframing to implementation. It is an online design suite offering collaborative web services for creatives and usability engineers.

Seven different apps are created to help professionals get the job done; Wireframe Pro, SiteMap, DesignCollab, WebsitePro, AnootatePro, BannerPro and Timeline.

  • Tool offers: wireframing and different apps for various creative needs
  • Plans offered: Free (Forever), Premium ($14 per user/mo) and Teampack ($29 per 3 users/mo). All plans include cloud storage
  • Suitable for: Designers, Marketing professionals, Developers
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

This tool focuses on mocking up application by showing what are the most important things in it: the idea, the information and the interaction. Mockinbird allows you to mockup idea in minutes by providing a drag-and-drop UI elements to the page.

You can also collaborate with your team and clients which can edit wireframes with you in real time. Forget the emails!

  • Tool offers: Fast creation of mockups, Link mockups to feel the flow of your app, Live collaboration
  • Suitable for: Web Designers, Developers, Marketers…
  • Plans offered: Project-based pricing (3 projects – $12/mo; 10 projects – $20/mo, 25 projects – $40/mo, Unlimited projects – $85/mo / Discounts for annual payments)
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

This tool is focused on diagramming and aims to help companies, teams and individuals to create diagrams online. Cacoo offers different ways to develop and express ideas. You can create mockups, wireframes, mind maps, flowcharts and UML and Venn diagrams.

  • Tool offers: Working in a browser, Team collaboration, Integration with Google Drive, Visio and Adobe CC
  • Suitable for: Education, Business and Enterprise
  • Plans offered: Free, Plus ($4.95/mo) and Business ($18/mo)
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

FlairBuilder is a prototyping tool that will allow you to create interactive wireframes for mobile applications and website. Quite easy to start working with it and it is full of options. It features mobile app prototyping targeting specific devices and OS.

For websites wireframing, you can create beautiful designs with CSS grids and great typography. In additions, you can choose from a rich collection of behaviours and animations to enhance UX.

  • Tool offers: Prototyping for both Websites and Mobile Apps, Reusable symbols, Rich icons sets, Export to PNG/HTML
  • Suitable for: Web designers, Developers, Marketers, UX specialists etc…
  • Plans offered: 15day Free Trail (One user license is $99 / Volume purchase is with 10% discount for 10+ users)
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9 Useful and Effective Wireframing Tools

Concept.ly is a collaboration and prototyping platform which will let you create fully interactive prototypes that will be as closest as possible to the finished product. You can share, annotate and get feedback very fast.

  • Tool offers: Web and mobile prototyping, Live Notifications, Precise Feedback, Clickable prototypes, Embed iframe
  • Suitable for: Web designers, App Designers, Developers, UX Specialists
  • Plans offered: Free and Premium ($9.99/mo)
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Choosing the right tool to collaborate with your clients or your team depends on the needs, the workflow and the budget. You may find yourself wondering which tool is the best for your circumstances and the good news is that most of the tools presented here are offering either a free version or a free trial. You can give it a go and try some of them or contact the tool creators to share your needs and discuss the options. The final thought in choosing should be focused on which tool will be an enhancement of the team. It should be easy to use, full with useful features and at a reasonable price.

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